> Enquires as to availability are taken by email or by phone, 00351 912622198 / 938188099. Turispico will then advise you on availability by return.
> Reservations require a 50% deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit Turispico will then confirm your reservation. Where deposits are not received within 5 days of the booking then the reservation will be cancelled.
> The remainder of the 50% balance on account is payable upon check-in by cash or by cheque.
> Deposits payment can be made by interbank transfer. Account details are available upon request. We regret that refunds of deposits can not be made where cancellation is made, by email only, less than 4 weeks from the check-in date.
> Guests are asked to behave in a civil manner at all times.
> The contents of the property remain in the ownership of Turispico thoughout the stay. Guests are responsible for any damage or breakages incurred. A charge for damage or lost will be made as appropriate and as required.
> Turispico will provide and maintain gas, water (hot and cold), electricity and lighting.
> Any complaints or enquires should be made within 24 hours of any issue arising.
> Pico, named after the imposing mountam at its centre, is perhaps the most beautiful island of the Azores. Only São Miguel is larger in area. With a population of 15,000 it is unspoilt and provides an unspolit habitat of flora and fauna.
> It is about 4.5 nautical miles from Faial Island and 11 miles from São Jorge Island.
> The history of the island is one of whale hunting and wine making. Many museums exist now to tell this tale whilst Lajes town is a world renown centre for whale watching.
> Pico, because of this, offers worldclass walking, mountain climbing, caving, bird watching, swimming in rock pools fashioned from the natural coastline, fishing, horse riding and bike rides.
> We provide a full list of places to visit and an introduction to Pico and it's customs to all our guests at check-in.